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Up to 40% higher yield compared to fixed systems.

The SunCarrier 22 has been designed as a single-axis, stable tracking system A tracker system is used to rotate the module surface of a PV plant to follow the position of the sun during the day. The system's energy yield can be increased by up to 40%, depending on the type of tracking (uniaxial or biaxial) and location. that places minimal requirements on space and ground conditions. Its solar modules are fitted to a swivel axis inclined at up to 20° and are continuously aligned with the current position of the sun by means of a rotation angle of +/- 45°.
Depending on the location, up to eleven panels can be joined using a connecting rod. The master panel is driven by an electro-hydraulic motor and adjusts the connected panels exactly to the position of the sun. This gives an additional yield of up to 40% compared to fixed south-facing installations. SunCarrier 22 also stands out from competing systems as it is capable of generating higher yields at the same maximum output, without bigger inverters or stronger cables and with better grid load.
The use of conventional steel profiles makes SunCarrier 22 a cost-effective, low-maintenance and quick-to-install alternative to other tracking systems.

SunCarrier 22 Design Edition

The advantages at a glance

  • One electro-hydraulic motor controls eleven panels using a connecting rod
  • Particularly suitable for countries with building height restrictions, because the overall height can be reduced by decreasing the inclination angle
  • Ideal for unused commercial spaces to generate power to cover part of or the entire internal consumption
  • Up to 330 panels can be tracked with one controller
  • Modular and versatile, nearly all PV modules can be installed
  • Cost-effective system thanks to its construction using conventional steel profiles
  • High efficiency with a small footprint
  • Very low requirements with respect to ground conditions
  • Very robust construction (wind speeds of up to 144 km/h, snow loads of up to 1 kN / m²)
  • Simple and quick installation due to a high degree of pre-assembly
  • Very low maintenance and long service life
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