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Maximum energy yield.

In order to maximise energy yields, our SunCarrier systems align their module A solar or photovoltaic module converts sunlight directly into electrical energy. Modules consist of solar cells, which can be connected in series or parallel and are available in flexible and rigid models. Rigid solar panels tend to be made of silicon solar cells that are mounted on an aluminium frame and covered with glass. In this way, the module protect the cells against environmental influences. surfaces optimally to the sun. Only this adjustment ensures an optimal angle of incidence and the highest yields. A SunCarrier system is an ideal choice for customers who are interested in a profitable and future-proof generation of solar power, as well as the best possible return on investment.

The SunCarrier 260 has been developed as a robust, low-maintenance system and has a concrete foundation with a diameter of 12 m, which is form-locked to a steel structure with lift-off protection.


  • Up to 20 years performance warranty on modules
  • Very low maintenance and long service life
  • Very robust construction (wind speeds of up to 144 km/h, snow loads of up to 1.0 kN/m²)
  • Proven technology: over 3,225 SunCarrier units installed worldwide
  • Easy installation
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