GILDEMEISTER energy solutions
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Integrated energy solutions for the industry.

Rising electricity costs are a burden on businesses and the industry and can quickly turn into a competitive disadvantage. At the same time, any industrial plant can start generating its own electricity to cover part of their internal electricity consumption. GILDEMEISTER energy solutions designs and implements integrated solutions for industrial customers with particular emphasis on energy efficiency, local generation, storage and use of renewable energy sources.

The solar tracking system A tracker system is used to rotate the module surface of a PV plant to follow the position of the sun during the day. The system's energy yield can be increased by up to 40%, depending on the type of tracking (uniaxial or biaxial) and location. SunCarrier, the small wind turbine WindCarrier and the redox Red stands for reduction = gain of electrons, while Ox stands for oxidation = loss of electrons flow energy storage solution CellCube are innovative and intelligent energy solutions designed to deliver green energy around the clock. With GILDEMEISTER energy solutions, businesses and industrial plants can make their production more energy-efficient, generate own electricity and contribute to base load coverage and peak load limiting as well as secure sensitive areas independently from energy suppliers.

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