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BAFA starts random inspections of the conduction of energy audits

The obligation for large companies* to carry out an energy audit in accordance with the energy efficiency guidelines of the EU led to a lot of uncertainty last year. Due to the large number of companies affected, as well as the short period of time, there was a shortage of auditor capacities for the implementation of the guidelines until the deadline on the 05th of December 2015. A vast number of companies could thus not fulfil their obligations.

The German energy service act “EDL-G” provides for an inspection of the correct conduction of the energy audit by the BAFA. These random inspections have now started.

Das BAFA wird die Stichproben über die nächsten vier Jahre durchführen, so dass Sie in diesem Zeitraum jederzeit betroffen sein können. Sollte Ihr Unternehmen zu einem Energieaudit nach DIN EN 16247-1 verpflichtet sein und bisher noch kein Audit durchgeführt haben, sollten Sie also spätestens jetzt aktiv werden. Auch wenn es Sie in der ersten Runde nicht treffen sollte, drohen Ihnen auch weiterhin empfindliche Geldstrafen sowie ein eventueller Imageverlust bei Publik werden Ihres Versäumnisses.

What are your options if you have not conducted an energy audit so far?

Option 1: Quickly conduct audit

Due to the difficulties companies had of carrying out the audit on time, the BAFA was granted a margin of discretion in imposing fines. The BAFA can desist from a fine if the company can prove that their failure to conduct the audit so far is a result of the shortage of audit capacities. This concession by the BAFA ends on the 30th of April 2016.
As an experienced provider of energy audits we can support you in preventing consequences by quickly and uncomplicatedly carrying out such an audit in your company. Contact us for an individual offer.

Option 2: Certified energy management system under DIN EN ISO 50001
The obligation for an energy audit can also be fulfilled by implementing an energy management system according to DIN EN ISO 50001. When taking this possibility, the introduction of the systems must be completed by the end of 2016.
Due to the necessary lead time for the certification, an imminent start of the implementation of the energy management system is very much recommended. We gladly support you throughout the entire process of implementation. Request your individual offer now.

Which option is best for my company?
If you are not yet sure which of the two options is the best and most efficient for your company, we gladly support you in your decision-making – contact us for a non-binding appointment.

*more than 250 employees or more than 50 Million € turnover per year and more than 43 Million € balance sheet total

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