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Storing renewable energy at the new DMG MORI SEIKI Company Limited´s new headquarter in Tokyo.

DMG MORI SEIKI CO. LTD.´s new headquarters in Tokyo is secured against blackouts by CellCube storage systems. With special guests from the economic and political sectors, the new DMG MORI SEIKI CO. LTD. headquarters was officially opened with a ceremony. The “Global Headquarter” is one of the world’s two control centers for DMG MORI’s Sales and Services co-operation.

For its new building, the DMG MORI SEIKI CO. LTD. headquarter relies on its own power generation and storage of energy. For this purpose three CellCube FB 10-100, supplied by energy from solar installations, were installed on the roof.

Fig.: CellCube FB 10-100 and PV installation on the roof of DMG MORI SEIKI CO. LTD.’s new building

A small wind turbine, the WindCarrier, serves as an additional energy supplier. The WindCarrier, with its vertical rotation axis, has minimum space requirements – in this case it was placed in the city center of Tokyo on DMG MORI’s grounds. The idea of space-saving installations plays a vital role due to Tokyo’s lack of space. The energy project shows how energy can be produced safely and sustainably for on-site use. The energy produced is not only used for on-site consumption but also for peak shaving and emergency power supply.

The core installation of the energy project are the three CellCube FB 10-100 storing systems, which are based on vanadium-redox-flow technology and have a total storage capacity of 300 kWh A kilowatt hour (kWh) is the amount of energy equivalent to powering one kilowatt (1 kW) for one hour (1 kW x 1 hour). Accordingly, there are megawatt hours (1 MWh = 1000 kWh) gigawatt hours (1 GWh = 1000 MWh = 1 million kWh) and terawatt hours (1 TWh = 109 kWh = 1 billion kWh). 1 kilowatt hour of electricity is equivalent to 17 hours of light from a 60 watt bulb..
Tested and proven in practice over many years, the CellCube provides an uninterrupted supply of electricity via solar and wind power plants – even in the dark and when there is no wind. Examples of possible applications of the innovative energy storage include smoothing peaks and compensation for load and generated peaks. It can also be used as a buffer in wind and solar farms for smoothing the energy output and for compensating for fluctuation. It can further be used to provide contractual safeguards by way of energy reserves in times of reduced power.

In front of the building a WindCarrier with an energy output of 10 kW Kilowatt (kW) is a unit of electrical power (energy consumption over time), 1 Kilowatt is equal to 1,000 watts. was installed to support the building’s on-site power-generation. The WindCarrier offers the perfect technology to self-sufficiently, efficiently and sustainably generate power. Moreover, it is space-saving, quiet and stable. The WindCarrier enables natural power to be generated easily. Whether it is for an industrial plant or a company building, it generates clean power, is low-maintenance and able to be catered to a customer’s own requirements.  

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