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Unique expertise in wind power turbine construction.

Komponenten für die Energiebranche
Azimutbremsscheibe Azimuth brake disc
up to 4,000 kg / up to Ø 5,000 mm
Dichtsatz Seal kit
up to Ø 5,000 mm
Generatorträger Generator frame
32,000 kg
Rotorlagergehäuse Rotor bearing housing
up to 15,000 kg
Maschinenträger Mainframe
32,000 kg
Pitch-Versteifungselement Pitch stiffening element
up to 10,000 kg / up to Ø 4,000 m
Rotornarbe Rotor hub
19,000 kg

Wind power is an environmentally-friendly method of power generation. Components ranks among the leading manufacturers of bearing housings, as well as mainframes and generator frames in the wind energy sector. Other highlights include welded constructions, sheet metal forming and prototype construction.
Inspections of materials and welding seams have shown that we meet the highest quality standards. We hold welding certificates for all welding methods, e.g. MIG, MAG and submerged arc welding. In terms of non-destructive inspections we employ ultrasound, penetrant flaw detection and x-ray testing.
We ensure corrosion protection during the application of coatings or by measuring coating thickness after curing by controlling temperature and humidity. Our comprehensive quality documentation records all inspections. This means our customers need perform no costly incoming goods inspections.
Our production strictly adheres to DIN and other required standards. Suitable cutting lists are compiled for CNC flame cutting. In series and prototype construction we apply the corrosion protection immediately after sand blasting.

Components highlights

  • Pre-assembled welded constructions with full mechanical processing
  • Components manufactured from cast iron with tactile graphite/ cast components of any size,as well as prototype construction (EN-GJS-18U-LT and/or GGG40.3) and high impact strength (even at low temperatures – CCV at -40°)
  • Forged drive shafts from heat-treated steels
  • Our diverse range of components satisfies all necessary production qualifications, DIN standards and approvals (including regular inspections by SLV, TÜV and GL)
  • Compilation of suitable cutting lists for flame cutting
  • Worldwide just-in-time delivery of parts

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Benefit from our expertise in welded constructions for the energy sector and our unique competency in wind turbine manufacturing. Do you need cast components, welded constructions or are you interested in sheet metal forming and prototype construction?

Please do not hesitate to contact Krystian Guzak on +49 (0) 931-25 064-200 or at

In addition to energy technology our products are also employed in the construction machinery- and machine tool industry. Here we manufacture cast components from cast aluminium, grey cast iron, sand casting, chill casting, pressure casting, spheroidal graphite iron, precision casting, bronze casting and cast steel, which take into account the demands of high-precision technology.

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