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Large components for machine tool construction.

Komponenten für Werkzeugmaschinen
Maschinenbett Machine bed
4,570 kg / 3,500 x 1,500 x 500 mm
Maschinenschlitten Machine carriages
700 kg / 1,800 x 700 x 500 mm
Maschinenständer Machine stand
2,500 kg / 2,000 x 1,800 x 900 mm
Maschinentisch Machine table
210 kg / 800 x 630 x 140 mm
Spindelstock Spindle head
400 kg / 800 x 700 x 650 mm

We manufacture complex assemblies for leading engineering companies and we make a significant contribution to the machine development activities of our customers. We implement all stages consistently and professionally – from precision measuring to accurate recording and testing of technical properties. As a partner of the supplier industry Components has unique process expertise in cast processing. Our complex components and assemblies meet the highest quality standards. We have been supplying large and very heavy cast components to a range of industries for many years.
The cast materials available are cast components manufactured from grey cast iron (GJL) and spheroidal graphite iron (GJS).
The processes used in the casting process are sand casting and chill casting.
In further processing we place an emphasis on very high precision in order to produce precision components. As such we use testing procedures of 3D measuring technology, for example with bridge-measuring devices in tempered spaces.

Highlights machine tool construction

  • Manufacture of assembled components
  • Casting materials include grey cast iron (GJL) and spheroidal graphite iron (GJS) ; casting processes include sand casting and chill casting
  • Precision measuring with recording and testing
  • Integrated quality management
  • Project support provided by experienced project engineers

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Benefit from our expertise in machine tool construction and machine development. Do you require cast components manufactured from grey cast iron (GJL) and spheroidal graphite iron (GJS) or are you interested in processes such as sand casting and chill casting?

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In addition to machine tools our products are also employed in energy technology and mechanical engineering. Here we manufacture cast components from cast aluminium, grey cast iron, sand casting, chill casting, pressure casting, spheroidal graphite iron, precision casting, bronze casting and cast steel, which take into account the demands of high-precision technology.

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