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Highest-quality machine components.

Maschinenbau Komponenten
Achkörper Axle housing
320 kg / length: 1,288 mm
Flansch Flange
2.18 kg / Ø 170 x 38 mm
Gegengewicht Load balancer
5,500 kg / 2,400 x 1,370 x 870 mm
Komponenten für Dachrahmen Roof frame components
75 kg / 1,260 x 490 x 245 mm

Our project engineers can draw on many years of experience in mechanical engineering and therefore speak the same language as you. We deliver individual solutions for components across a range of industries: e.g. construction machinery or cranes, synthetics and paper processing machines, gear, steel and metal manufacturing measurement and special machines, as well as parts for electrical switchgear and even sailing yachts. Our components can be found in forklifts, wheel loaders and other forklift trucks.
Apart from the conventional materials for welded constructions, we also utilise the following different casting materials for cast components: Grey cast iron, spheroidal graphite iron, cast steel and light metal casting.
The processes used in the casting process are sand casting, chill casting, pressure casting and precision casting. We also supply high-quality forged components where necessary.

Components highlights

  • Precision work as a result of high quality standards for all cast components
  • Individual solutions for a variety of industries such as construction machinery, cranes, synthetics processing, paper industry, gear, steel and metal manufacturing, measurement and special machinery, as well as switchgear and sailing yachts
  • Project support provided by experienced project engineers
  • Different cast materials available including grey cast iron, spheroidal graphite iron, cast steel and light metal casting
  • Supply of high-quality forged components

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Benefit from our expertise in mechanical engineering, construction machinery, cranes, synthetics processing, gear, steel and metal manufacturing. Do you require cast components, forged parts or are you interested in cast materials such asspheroidal graphite iron, cast steel, light metal casting, precision casting or bronze casting

Please do not hesitate to contact Krystian Guzak on +49 (0) 931-25 064-200 or for your individual offer.

In addition to mechanical engineering, our products are also employed in energy technology and in the machine tool industry. Here we manufacture cast components from cast aluminium, grey cast iron, sand casting, chill casting, pressure casting, spheroidal graphite iron, precision casting, bronze casting and cast steel, which take into account the demands of high-precision technology.

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