GILDEMEISTER energy solutions
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Turnkey solutions for solar parks - from a geological survey through to operations.

GILDEMEISTER energy solutions specialises in epc solar park project solutions - from planning to system implementation to operations. This includes the precise assessment of customer needs, a detailed installation plan, GPS-assisted measurement of minimisation of potential power loss caused by shading. 

The photovoltaic systems are installed and put into operation in cooperation with certified partner companies and organised in accordance with a pre-defined project plan. Just-in-time delivery of individual components and an optimised construction process of the pv park enable synchronised mass production. The assembly sequences of construction, steel construction, module A solar or photovoltaic module converts sunlight directly into electrical energy. Modules consist of solar cells, which can be connected in series or parallel and are available in flexible and rigid models. Rigid solar panels tend to be made of silicon solar cells that are mounted on an aluminium frame and covered with glass. In this way, the module protect the cells against environmental influences. assembly and electrical installation have been optimised over the years and follow a daily cycle. To complement our range of services, we offer - along with our comprehensive security concept - the option to operate the pv plant for you or to take over servicing and maintenance for decades to come.

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