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Turnkey solutions for solar parks - from a geological survey through to operations.

GILDEMEISTER energy solutions specialises in epc solar park project solutions - from planning to system implementation to operations. This includes the precise assessment of customer needs, a detailed installation plan, GPS-assisted measurement of minimisation of potential power loss caused by shading. 

A team of experienced mechanical and electrical engineers ensures that our expertise in conjunction with the latest generation of modules is optimally adapted to every individual project in order to maximise the energy yield of every pv plant. We even involve our suppliers in the continual development of our products. 

Our turnkey solar park project solutions are tailored to our customers' needs while paying attention to every detail. In addition to a detailed cost estimate drawn up by our sales staff, our experienced architects will prepare a geographical survey and site assessment and a detailed shading analysis for your photovoltaic system. In addition to module A solar or photovoltaic module converts sunlight directly into electrical energy. Modules consist of solar cells, which can be connected in series or parallel and are available in flexible and rigid models. Rigid solar panels tend to be made of silicon solar cells that are mounted on an aluminium frame and covered with glass. In this way, the module protect the cells against environmental influences. allocation and inverter An inverter is an electronic device or circuitry that changes DC voltage to AC voltage, i.e. direct current to alternating current. Inverters are used in photovoltaic systems, for example, where they convert the direct current of the solar cells to voltage that can be fed to the low-voltage grid. selection, the detailed electrical plan covers the calibration of each cable cross section carried out by our electrical engineers. In addition, the team from GILDEMEISTER energy solutions provides customers with support and assistance in their dealings with local authorities, e.g. during an approval process.

Your solar park project will be implemented in cooperation with certified local partner companies. Organisation and monitoring will be ensured by our project managers on site. The necessary components, such as modules and inverters, are delivered on time, to enable optimal construction progress and synchronised mass production. We look after each individual phase of the pv park project and construction, from laying the foundations, to the installation of the steel frame to the connection of the drive motor and control system. The installation of modules, including the associated electrical engineering work, the wiring, the supply point and the final inspection, are also part our range of solar park services.

GILDEMEISTER energy solutions offers its customers the option to operate the solar park on their behalf and to take over servicing and maintenance for decades to come. If required by the customer, all our pv plants can be monitored remotely 24/7. 

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